Middle East and Kurds

23 Ağustos 2017, 20:16

Identity is the sense that people have in the community. People often show the presence with their identity and act accordingly. In the formation of identity, the ethnic identity and the origin of the ethical structure has a very big place and importance. The phenomenon of identity that is used together with more concept of ethnicity has a feature that shows their public awareness and commitment to their ethnic origin. The geography of the Middle East has structure of poly ethnic and including identity of many, is a rich geography. The Middle East economically is a region that also has access to various sources of wealth. That’s why the Middle East has witnessed the different groups have different objectives from each other from time to time manifest struggling with fierce fighting. Also foreign powers led to the development of important strategies about the Middle East with serious economic demand that creates resources of the region. Using these strategies develop in the direction of ethnic diversity since there is an environment of unending chaos in the region. In virtually every country in the region there are issues arising from the struggle of different identity groups. This structure reveals the negative effects that has had structure of the polyethnic on the region. Kurdish identity is one of the groups that has significant influence in the region. the Kurds who being one of the ancient peoples of the Middle East have no independent state which couldn’t achieve the structure. This situation has put the Kurds to fight for the sake of obtaining an independent state. The Kurds who claimed on 4 major countries in the region and had long-term struggles, especially for foreign forces, which has become an important strategic move in recent times, various organizations compete in. The Kurds ‘ struggle for independence, especially for regional powers such as Turkey and Iran pose significant threats to the integrity of these countries don’t seem as good. Chaos in the Middle East and the Kurds to be used by a foreign power increases regional instability. This situation is not only to prevent the creation of awareness of any identity in the Middle East, but leads to a regional identity crisis.


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