Putin Era Russia’s Foreign Policy and Security Doctrines

16 Mart 2020, 19:37
Russian Federation has been recognized with the strategy called as “Putin Doctrine” at the beginning of the 21st century. Accordingly, the West is no longer a reliable partner of Russia. The sovereignty of the post-Soviet countries is under the protection of Russia. Russian World and Russian Orthodoxy have become strong.
Today, the term “Russia’s Way” has become almost acceptable throughout the world. Therefore, Russia began to be recognized as a society and state that has not accepted or want to accept the philosophy of “the way of common reason”. In both domestic and foreign policy, there is no effective force that can oppose this ‘special’ situation to Russia. Russian poet and diplomat Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev says in his famous quatrain:
Russia can’t be understood with the mind alone,
No ordinary yardstick can span her greatness:
She stands alone, unique –
In Russia, one can only believe.
This aphorism is the most common phrase that describes Russia. According to Tyutchev, if we want to understand Russia, it is necessary to “believe it”. To understand the role of the “savior” that the Russians have assigned to them since history, it is necessary to know their history, foreign policy and security doctrines.
When you read this book I’m sure you can find answers to some of these questions. In this book, the change and transformation of Russia in Putin Period and the general reasons of these policies are explained. In addition to this book, I would also recommend you to read our book “Is Russia & Turkey Eurasian Pact Possible?”
In addition to the general reader, this book has been prepared to provide guidance to experts, diplomats and students working in the field of “Security Studies”, “Political Science and International Relations” and “History”.
I wish you a good reading.
Prof. Dr. Salih Yılmaz –  Institute of Russian Studies|
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